Why Choose Us?

Learn about our team and how our clients feel about us.

Our Vision Statement:

Broadview Behavioral Health Center is an environment in which people will feel safe, empowered, and supported while attempting to live their best life.

Our Mission:

To help people live a happy and successful life using clinical treatment and counseling opportunities that are reasonable, accessible, available and confidential regardless of socio-economic or ethnic diversity, and sexual orientation.

In pursuit of our Mission, we strive to:

• Provide best practices and treatment modalities that meet the mental health needs of our clients and tools they need to identify positive solutions to their social and mental health challenges.
• Improve our client’s understanding of mental health and the mind-body connection between mental health and physical health.
• Provide education and opportunities for individuals to identify early warning signs of mental illness and an environment that supports recovery and improves resilience.

Broadview Behavioral Health Center has been providing professional counseling and mental health therapy to clients throughout the Greater Atlanta Area. We pride ourselves on providing our clients the best possible care and value.

Reason 1. Insurance Coverage

No matter which counselor or therapist you see on our team, your sessions may be paid for by your health benefits insurance plan at work. This saves you and your family money out of your pocket and ensures you can get the best service from Broadview Behavioral Health Center.

Reason 2. Fast Service Response

When you contact us, you need our help. We do everything in our power to respond within 48 hours so we can book your first appointment within a 7 days.

Reason 3. Our Approach

Our honest, non-judgemental approach to counseling will ensure that each individual's worth, dignity and integrity is honored and respected. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to focus on helping our clients experience a better and healthier quality of life.

Reason 5. We Help Set Clear Expectations

From the very first session, Broadview Behavioral Health Center will discuss our processes so that you have a clear set of expectations for each session. We'll review our confidentiality policies, therapy procedures, health benefit coverage options and payment policies with you.

Reason 6. Qualified Experts

Our Masters Level Licensed Clinicians are respected in the area of psychotherapy, social work and professional counseling. Our therapists have been selected because of their expertise in a variety of presenting issues and a vast experience of therapeutic approaches. Since each of our clients are unique, we offer an informed and varied treatment approach, depending upon the issues to be resolved.

Reason 7. Culturally Sensitive Solutions

Broadview Behavioral Health Center takes into account the socio-economic, ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds that directly affect why a client may need our support at any time. Our experience in working with ethnic minorities has equipped our team in assisting communities in overcoming the stigma and judgment associated with seeking counseling.

We Help Communities That Don’t Normally Seek Counseling
• We reduce the stigma and judgement.
• Clear process for finding solution paths
• Affordable treatment plans
• Provide education on mental disorders

Reason 8. Extended Clinic Hours, Telephone & Video Counseling Options

Broadview Behavioral Health Center offers flexible hours to all our patients, including early morning, evening, and some Sunday appointment times to meet the needs of our clients’ busy schedules. We also offer distance counseling for people who prefer therapy via web conference or telephone.

Reason 9. Confidentiality

Broadview Behavioral Health Center takes your confidentiality very seriously. All staff members are required to sign confidentiality agreements with our company. We adhere to the following regulations concerning privacy standards in North America:

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

All client therapy data are also encrypted using bank-level data security standards.